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Faxing/Uploading Instructions

  1. Log into ‘My Account’ on USAJOBS, select ‘Application Status’, select “View All Applications” at the bottom right hand corner of ‘Application Status’ pop-down box
  2. Under the Application Status Column, select “More Information
  3. Select “My Account at left hand side of screen
  4. Then Select “Documents” at left hand side of the screen
  5. You have now arrived at Document Manager, Select either “Upload”, “USAJOBS” or “Fax
    1. Upload to upload documents from your computer
      1. Select “Upload”, type in the description of the document, select “Browse” this is the location of document file, then select “Upload Document”, once you have uploaded your document, be sure to click on it to view what you have uploaded.
    2. USAJOBS to download documents transferred from USAJOBS ‘Saved Documents’ section.
      1. Select “USAJOBS”, then select the Document, select “Download from USAJOBS
    3. Fax to generate a fax coversheet and fax the documents.
      1. Select “Fax”, then review the "Faxing Instructions" and select “Generate Fax Coversheet”, it will open in a new window on your screen, you will need to print and send in with your document.  NOTE: Fax number is on Coversheet.  You should receive an email confirming successful receipt of the fax, if you do not; contact the FIRES Help Desk (888-364-6432 or BLM_FA_Fires@.blm.gov).  You may be required to re-fax your documents.  The fax machine showing your documents were sent successfully does not mean they were received.

To View what you sent in, follow the instructions above to STEP 5; in the Document Manager screen you can click on the “Description” if you Uploaded or Downloaded it from USAJOBS and it will open in a new window.


Faxing/Uploading NOTES:


     *When you use the instructions above you may or may NOT see your documents in ‘Saved Documents’ in your

        USAJOBS account.


    *Only send in your documents one way (either Upload, USAJOBS or Fax), as the last method document submitted will over write the previous one.  Example, sending in transcripts by fax and then uploading, we will only see the Uploaded document.


   *You do not need to submit the document if it does not apply to you.


    *If UPLOADING, be sure to click on your document to view what you have uploaded. You will see the document as the FIRES Program Office will be able to view it. NOTE: You are not able to view documents which are faxed in.


    *Send in your document as one document with multiple pages not as separate pages, as they will override the

      last; we only see the last document submitted.  Example: 5 pages of College Transcripts need to be sent in as

      one document with multiple pages, not as separate pages or we will only see the last page you sent in. 


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