Important Hints

Update! 5/2023

  • Update your resume and profile information BEFORE you apply to a vacancy announcement.
    • It is highly recommended that you review your account profile, your resume, transcripts, and all other supporting documentation for currency BEFORE applying to vacancies.
  • An e-mail notification of your status will be sent to you once a review of applicant qualifications has been completed by the DOI FIRES Program Office.
  • If you uploaded required documents such as a DD-214, Veteran Administration Letters, or College Transcripts previously AND it was successfully received, always open each document to verify that the correct document was attached.
  • If you have already registered with USAJOBS, you don’t need to register again.
  • If you forget your USAJOBS User ID and Password, you can reset in USAJOBS.
  • Verify that all of your documents are uploaded onto the agency website. NOTE: Documents saved in your profile are NOT automatically transferred into your application. Under Available Documents, you MUST click on the drop down menu next to each document type to transfer the documents you imported from USAJOBS. If a document you need did not import from USAJOBS, you may upload it directly into the application at this stage.
  • Your answers to the vacancy specific questions will be verified against the information provided in your online resume.
  • For more information about FIRES, please go to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).