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This area is for Federal HR/Selecting Officials ONLY.

You will find the information needed to assist your Temporary Seasonal Fire 1039 appointments for BIA, BLM, FWS, and NPS.

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Common Inquiries:

  1. Additional Access - Click on the Standard Operating Procedures link below.  Then scroll down to the Additional Access section and click on the Spreadsheet for Requesting Additional Access.
  2. Requesting an Announcement or a Certificate - click on Announcement/Certificate Requests
  3. Applicant Contact Form - This is attached to every certificate instructions issued or you can click on Instructions for making selections/non-use of certificates. In Step 10, click DOI FIRES Applicant Contact Form and Instructions.  This has also been added as a separate link below for your convenience.
  4. Instructions for Printing Multiple Applicant Resumes at Once in USA Staffing - click Link