Uploading Steps

Updated! 5/2023

Uploading Tips:

  • When you use the instructions above you may or may not see your documents in Saved Documents in your USAJOBS account.
  • Only send in your documents one way (either Attach or Upload) because they will override each other. For example, when you upload transcripts and then also attach another transcript, we will only see the second attached version.
  • You do not need to submit the document if it does not apply to you.
  • If you are using the UPLOAD or ATTACH options, be sure to click on your document afterward to verify you have uploaded/attached the correct document.
  • Upload or Attach your document as one document with multiple pages not as separate pages, as each additional document will override the last and we will only see the last document submitted. Example: 5 pages of College Transcripts need to be Attached or Uploaded as one document with multiple pages, not as five separate pages, otherwise we will only see the last page you added.
  • Verify that all the documents are uploaded to the agency website. NOTE: You will need to select an available document from the dropdown button to fully transfer your documents into your application from your USAJOBs profile. If you do not select a document, we will NOT be able to see your documents in the system.

For more information about how to upload, click here.