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                                                               DOI FIRES Current Open Announcements

                                                                       *Note: Current open positions are posted on USAJOBS

OPEN: 10/31/2022 through CLOSE: 11/29/2022

  • BLM-FIRE-2023-001-DHA, Smokejumper (Forestry Technician), GS-0462-5 Boise, ID & Fairbanks, AK

OPEN: 11/21/2022 through CLOSE: 12/13/2022

  • BIA-FIRE-2023-002-DE, Wildland Firefighter (Forestry Aid/Technician), GS-0462-3,4,5 UT/ WY
  • BIA-FIRE-2023-003-DE, Senior Wildland Firefighter (Forestry Technician), GS-0462-5 Poplar, MT
  • BIA-FIRE-2023-006-DE, Wildland Firefighter (Forestry Aid), GS-0462-2 Fort Washakie, WY (Wind River Agency)
  • BLM-FIRE-2023-002-DHA, Hotshot Wildland Firefighter (Forestry Aid/Technician), GS-0462-3,4,5   AK/ AZ/ CA/ CO/ ID/ MS/ NV/ OR/ UT
  • BLM-FIRE-2023-003-DHA, Hotshot Wildland Firefighter (Technician), GS-0462-6  AK/ AZ/ MS/ NV/ UT
  • BLM-FIRE-2023-007-DHA,  Handcrew Wildland Firefighter (Forestry Aid/Technician), GS-0462-3,4,5 CA/ MT/ NV/ OR/ SD/ WA/ WY
  • BLM-FIRE-2023-010-DHA, Wildland Firefighter (Forestry Aid/Technician), GS-0462-3,4,5 Billings, MT
  • BLM-FIRE-2023-011-DHA, Wildland Firefighter (Forestry Technician), GS-0462-6,7 Billings, MT
  • BLM-FIRE-2023-021-DE, Administrative Support Assistant, GS-0303-5 Miles City, MT
  • BLM-FIRE-2023-023-DE, Materials Handler, WG-6907-4/5, Nevada
  • FWS-FIRE-2023-003-DHA, Wildland Firefighter (Forestry Aid/Technician), GS-0462-3,4,5 NM/ OR/ WA
  • NPS-FIRE-2023-007-DHA, Wildland Firefighter (Forestry Aid/Technician), GS-0462-3,4,5 CA/ NV/ OR/ WA
  • NPS-FIRE-2023-008-DHA, Wildland Firefighter (Forestry Aid/Technician), GS-0462-3,4,5 ME/ MN
  • NPS-FIRE-2023-009-DHA, Wildland Firefighter (Forestry Technician), GS-0462-6,7 AK/ WY
  • NPS-FIRE-2023-010-DHA, Wildland Firefighter (Forestry Technician), GS-0462-6 California
  • NPS-FIRE-2023-011-DHA, Wildland Firefighter (Forestry Technician) - Helitack, GS-0462-6 Yosemite, CA (Yosemite NP)
  • NPS-FIRE-2023-012-DHA, Fire Lookout (Forestry Technician), GS-0462-5 Dinosaur, CO (Dinosaur NM)
  • NPS-FIRE-2023-013-DHA, Fire Lookout (Forestry Technician), GS-0462-5 Mesa Verde, CO (Mesa Verde NP)
  • NPS-FIRE-2023-019-DHA, Wildland Firefighter (Forestry Aid/Technician), GS-0462-3,4,5 ND/ NM/ UT/ WY
  • NPS-FIRE-2023-031-DHA, Wildland Firefighter (Forestry Technician), GS-0462-6 Sausalito, CA (Golden Gate NRA)
  • NPS-FIRE-2023-032-DHA, Wildland Firefighter (Forestry Technician), GS-0462-7 Bryce Canyon, UT (Bryce Canyon NP)

OPEN: 11/21/2022 through CLOSE: 1/10/2023 with **12/13/2022 CUT-DATE

  • BIA-FIRE-2023-005-DE, Fire Logistics Dispatcher, GS-2151-5 Fort Washakie, WY (Wind River Agency)
  • BLM-FIRE-2023-013-DHA, Fire Logistics Dispatcher, GS-2151-3,4,5,6,7 AK/ AZ/ CA/ CO/ ID/ MT/ NM/ NV/ OR/ UT/ WY
  • BLM-FIRE-2023-014-DHA, Fire Dispatcher (Forestry Technician), GS-0462-4,5,6,7 AK/ AZ/ CA/ CO/ ID/ MT/ NV/ OR/ UT/ WY
  • BLM-FIRE-2023-015-DHA, Airtanker Base (Forestry Aid/Technician), GS-0462-3,4,5 CO/ ID/ MT/ NM/ NV/ OR/ UT/ WY
  • BLM-FIRE-2023-016-DHA, Airtanker Base (Forestry Aid/Technician), GS-0462-6 ID/ MT/ NV/ UT
  • NPS-FIRE-2023-006-DE, Fire Logistics Dispatcher, GS-2151-4,5,6,7 CA/ UT/ WY

OPEN: 11/22/2022 through CLOSE: 1/10/2023

  • BIA-FIRE-2023-007-DE, Hotshot Wildland Firefighter (Forestry Technician), GS-0462-4 Fort Defiance, AZ (Navajo Region Fire)


                                                              DOI FIRES Anticipated Announcements

                        (These are target dates and could shift or the announcement may not open if approval is not received.)

                                    *Note: Once announcements are open and posted on USAJOBS, they will be moved up to the                                                                                                               "DOI FIRES Current Open Positions" listed above.​​​

    OPEN: 12/12/2022 through CLOSE: 1/3/2023

    • BLM-FIRE-2023-005-DHA, Wildland Firefighter (Forestry Aid/Technician), GS-0462-3,4,5 CA/ CO/ ID/ NV/ UT

    OPEN: 12/19/2022 through CLOSE: 1/10/2023

    • BIA-FIRE-2023-004-DE, Wildland Firefighter (Forestry Aid/Technician), GS-0462-3,4,5 Winnebago, NE (Winnebago Agency)
    • NPS-FIRE-2023-014-DHA, Fire Lookout (Forestry Technician), GS-0462-5 West Glacier, MT (Glacier NP)

    OPEN: 1/17/2023 through CLOSE: 2/7/2023

    • BLM-FIRE-2023-020-DE, Administrative Support Assistant, GS-0303-3,4,5 Idaho
    • NPS-FIRE-2023-015-DHA, Fire Lookout (Forestry Technician), GS-0462-5 Yellowstone NP, WY (Yellowstone NP)